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A New paper is published on Nature Machine Intelligence. We propose an interpretable deep-learning architecture using capsule networks (called scCapsNet). By utilizing competitive single-cell-type recognition, the scCapsNet model is able to perform feature selection to identify groups of genes encoding different subcellular types. The RNA expression signatures, which enable subcellular-type recognition, are effectively integrated into the parameter matrices of scCapsNet. This characteristic enables the discovery of gene regulatory modules in which genes interact with each other and are closely related in function, but present distinct expression patterns. .


We published a new paper on Applied Network Science, in which, a general deep learning framework to reconstruct networks and nonlinear dynamics from the time seires is proposed. This model combines gumbel softmax algorithm to generate an adjacency matrix and graph neural network model to capture any type of network dynamics including continous, discrete, and binary ones. We test our algorithm on different network structures, including ER random network, Scale-free network and Small World network, and different kinds of dynamics including Kuromoto, Coupled Lattice, and Voter. The results show that high accuracy can be achieved on all dynamics and networks.


A New paper is published on Nature Communications. By mixing the residential population and working population, we propose the conception of active population. We then use very simple rules to model the growth of active population and reproduce the distributions of active population, road density, and socioeconomic interactions. Furthermore, the well-known super- and sub- linear scalings of cities can also emerge from this minimum mechanism.


A new book "Approaching 2050" introducing collective attention flow, artificial intelligence, and how these new technologies change our thinking about the world authored by swarm agents club is published by Turing book company in July, 2016. 2015-8

I updated my "resume" page, and added the information about the new granted project supported by national natural science foundation named "Studies of collective attention flow on Internet".

A new paper is published on Scientific Reports, we used millions of mobile phoe data and google traffic data to estimate an effective distance between any two points. And we compare this distance with real geograhic distance to calculate a metric of efficiency. We then apply our metrics on cities. 2016-6

A new book authored by swarm agents club is published by Turing book company in August, 2015. 2015-8

I updated the directories of research, publications and curriculum vitae. I also added some publications, and talks. 2015-8

Several talks that I've given in 2014 in various places such as Ali forum of Taobao, Santa Fe Institute, and Arizona State University, are uploaded on the slides channel. The contents include flow networks, simple model of allometric scaling of networked systems and cities, maximum entropy in international labor division, etc. 2015-1

An interesting paper " The Metabolism and Growth of Web Forums " is published in PLoS ONE. 2014.8.20

A paper "Hierarchicality of Trade flow networks reveals complexity of products" is published in PLoS ONE. 2014.6.23

Two new papers (Common patterns of energy flow and biomass distribution on weighted food webs and Capabilities’ substitutability and the “S” curve of export diversity) are added. 2014.4.3

A new composed song "Come As You Are -- Nirvana" is added in For Fun. 2014.1.29

A talk named "How Nature Designs" (video in Chinese ) is given in Swarm Agents Club. 2013.9.11

A new paper "Allometry and Dissipation of Ecological Flow Networks" is published on Plos ONE. 2013.9.11

A new talk about "Seeking for Universal Patterns in Flow Systems" is added. 2013.6.12

Two new papers added, "Centralized Flow Structure of International Trade Networks for Different Products" published in International Conference on Management Science & Engineering, Harbin, 2013, and "The decentralized ?ow structure of clickstreams on the web", to be published in European Physics Journal B, 2013. Both papers applied the allometric scaling approach in energy flow networks on international trade network and clickstreams. 2013.6.12

A new category "For Fun" is added.I'll put some songs made by myself in it. 2013.6.12

An empirical study about the export products diversity of countries is published on Physica A, 2011.10.8

A new paper about the accelerating growth and size-dependent distribution of internet online community is published on Physical Review E. 2011.8.18

A new popular science article about stable distribution and generalized central limit theorem is added, 2011.8.18

A talk about the experiment of camera-screen self-reference is added. 2011.1.19

A new paper which tries to link the size-dependent income distribution, allometric scaling and also the central limit theorem of correlated random numbers will be published by Chinese Physics Letters. 2011.1.19

My CV is updated. Visting SFI experience and a project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. 2010.12.1

Hello, welcome to my home page.

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For Fun collects some of songs or other art works made by myself, just for fun!

My Blog records my thinking histories. Unfortunately, they are all Chinese.

I'll try my best to keep on updating!

---Jiang Zhang (Jake) from Beijing Normal University


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